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So then, four games in and unbeaten into the International break. Happy times on Goodison Road, you would think. Well, not so much actually. Despite the last day of the transfer window being less than a month ago- when the general mood was not only positive but positively bouyant and the mind-set was generally, let’s give them time despite avoiding defeat and negotiating the initial round of the knockout cup we are now back to the intellectual cries on social media of, he’s-we are shite. Koff Everton. Honestly, it bores me.
Anyone whom has watched our team in the last two years with even a passing interest will be painfully aware that we were literally light years away from anything even approaching mediocrity. It was atrocious. Chronically bad. We rightly demanded change. Change arrived- we shall yet discover as to its ultimate success however at the present time the
basic mandatory requirement for ourselves as supporters is well, to support. To realise the size and difficulty of the task at hand and understand that this will take time and indeed money and coaching, but mostly time. It is an awkward yet unavoidable fact and anyone whom doubts that is patently deluded in my opinion.
Marco Silva was not my first choice as potential Everton manager. Frankly, he wasn’t my second either nor even my third yet he is here and in fairness seems to have at least looked to address the worst of the maladies of the previous regimes yet to expect him to have re-shaped and re-directed this team within 4 matches-given that we haven’t even seen three of his signings to date is placing far too heavy a burden on a manager whom- despite his previous stints is himself still getting to grips with the Premier League. He has already made mistakes and in all likelihood will continue to. All managers do. We need to understand this and as long as he learns from them ostensibly support him. It is how the process works otherwise the alternative is another 5 managers in four years and
another decade of remaining stagnant and none of us- least of all social media, wants that.
The addition of Marcel Brands has already and will continue to assist him as we go on. He has a respect and a gravitas throughout World Football that, used in conjunction with a young manger, appears to have genuine potential yet which remains at this stage merely potential. Everything is still embryonic therefore the most crucial ingredient at present is patience so I would suggest that this is what we should give them.
The side itself as been bolstered as regards personnel. We certainly needed and still require numbers and quality in most areas but August was at least a start. Richarlison has hit the ground running. Scoring and impressing on and off the park yet the juxtaposition between our fans response to him and that to Tommy Davies disturbs me.
This is a team game, all in it together. We have stars of course we do but this is a collective endeavour. For what it is worth, it is my opinion that we asked far too much of them, specifically Davies and Calvert-Lewin- see the amount of Premier League appearances for both, nevertheless Tommy Davies and indeed the other young lads may turn out to be good enough long term and they may not but the last thing we need right now are scapegoats furthermore the manager has faith in them at present so I shall support them to the best of my ability in the interim. Steven Naismith and Oumar Niasse spring to mind as examples of recent players whom Toffees have not only crucified but ridiculed yet whom generally overcame their demons to enjoy positive relationships with fans moreover that the players that yous are loving today are watching whilst you slam their mates. Just a thought.
Again, I would profess that support is required at this juncture. Both Digne and Zouma have impressed and in Digne’s case, to turn up and try and take Leighton Baines’ spot in the Everton team with him still around is a big ask but he has made a positive start both in an attacking and defensive sense despite looking a little too much like Gerard Deulofeu for my liking. Zouma looks cool in possession and a footballer. Bernard- excepting his brief cameo at Bournemouth, Mina and Gomes are yet to be seen but they too will have good games and bad as we continue to establish patterns of play and squad members’ roles within it and we ourselves as fans honestly need to work with it.
The Toffees currently stand in 7th place in the EPL unbeaten to date and having qualified from round 2, now face another home draw in round 3 of the Carabao Cup. Given our collective feelings during most of the previous two managers reigns, once more I view these as positives. Incremental progression in my opinion, will be the eventual route to success. It will not be quantum leap advancement moreover it will require our full squad and lads whom are being fated in August- September are often ribboned by March-April and indeed vise-versa. Football is a fickle business.
How many here would sing the Ross Barkley song after a few bevvies yet he does not merit a mention at L44EL these days. Nor does John Stones nor Romelu Lukaku, meanwhile like I said only 5-6 years ago Leon Osman and Naisy were getting ruined from the fans for time yet each scored against Liverpool to earn a point. Something neither Bob Latchford nor the Golden Vision managed to achieve incidentally whilst Naismith of course went on to gain a standing ovation in scoring for the opposition at Goodison Park. Like I said, it is a fickle business.
As for the immediate future, the manager will undoubtedly use this campaign as a sounding board to understand and plan for what he shall require over the coming seasons in order to achieve tangible progression for our club. Whilst we have genuine funding in the market now players will continue come in and go out for some time yet. Form will fluctuate. We shall lose games we should have won and win games we weren’t really in, or at least that is what I expect. If this is the case, our backing, our support of the general process will become absolutely crucial as after Martinez, Koeman and Allardyce it will only take minimal seismic activity to once more bring this whole house of cards down around our ears. It is time to construct, to consolidate, to progress. It will require both time and understanding from all involved, so how’s about we give it a go as the alternative will simply be a monotonous review of the previous turbulent, tempestuous and ultimately unrewarding lustrum simply to find ourselves at the exact same spot where we stand
today. Only older.
It is time to be staunch. So, be staunch. Please.
David Fehily.
Look after your peoples.
Peace out.